Argo curates films into playlists based on collections or global trends. The playlist feature provides several perspectives on the same topics.  Playlists offer viewers an option to watch multiple films or watch one short at a time. 

  • Films: 4-12 in each playlist
  • Length: 45 min – 2.5 hours
  • Release: 2-4 releases per week.
  • Each playlist is created around a topic; theme; event; distinct style; etc.
  • Each playlist sits within a channel.


Channels house the playlists and denote who the playlist is curated by, associated with,  or the types of playlists within them.

  • Channels represent the curators of the playlist.
  • The channels vary and include the most prestigious film festivals, news sources (The Guardian), film schools (USC School of Cinematic Arts) and Argo’s very own curators: Argo Selection.
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