For Fans
About Argo

Argo is a social streaming platform powered by creators and fans.

You can discover incredible creators featuring short films, TV series and other short videos from all around the world.

You can earn Argo Coins simply by liking and sharing videos you love. Every time your friends watch your liked recommendations or subscribe through the links you shared, you earn Argo Coins. You can convert the Argo Coins into real money, and more applications are coming soon.


How to Watch

Start your 3 day free trial by subscribing to the Argo overall subscription, and gain access to most Channels. Or, subscribe to individual Channels curated by your favorite creators. You can unsubscribe at any time.

For Creators

You can stream your video with the Argo overall subscription and receive 50% NET revenue on a per view basis, minus third party charges such as Apple and Stripe fees.

You can stream your videos through TVOD and collect 80% of the revenue.

  • You can select how many copies of the video you want to sell and can change the amount at any time.
  • You can set your own price.
  • All purchased videos are safe from piracy, and they collect royalties across any blockchain integrated platform.
Creating Multi-Channels for collaboration

You can request to create a Channel with an individual subscription, just email us at: [email protected]
You can invite fellow creators to be part of the Channel and post videos together.
Creators retain 80% of the revenue. All the creators in the Channel will share the revenue on a per view basis.
The Channel may be open to Channel subscribers exclusively, or be open to Argo overall subscribers as well. You decide.

Data analytics

It’s all yours. All the data we collect belongs to you. We will help you improve your work and reach new fans by providing you with the best possible analytics.

More importantly, if you publish a video on Argo, you will collect all the data and all the revenue share from all the views and likes your videos receive, no matter how many times it is reshared. And next time you publish a video, you will be able to reach your fans instantly.

What’s Argo

Argo is a social streaming platform powered by creators and fans. Own your success and unlock your content’s worth.

We are always building more tools for creators to engage with their fans, and there are a few things that makes Argo unique:

  • Creators own their relationship with their fans. We won’t charge you for verification …
  • There are more ways to build your community and collaborate with other creators.
  • As a Web3 platform, royalties are collected across any blockchain integrated platforms.
Get discovered faster

Everyone on Argo is a curator. Users and influencers get rewarded for sharing and liking content, incentivising a network effect for the creators.

Meanwhile Argo algorithms are focused on recommending new content based on the user’s Interests. The more information you input when uploading your content, the more chances it will be discovered organically.

About Argo
What are the additional features on the Argo app besides watching short films?


On the Argo app you can see what your friends are watching and share your favorite films with them. 

You can invite friends to join Argo via your contact book or social media networks. 


Personalize your recommendations: 

On the Argo app you can personalize the film recommendations in your feed using the interest filters. 


Support filmmakers: 

Your subscription goes back to the filmmakers! You are directly supporting the filmmakers on Argo. 

On the Argo app, you can use the multi-like feature to support your favorite films. The more views a film gets, the more money a filmmaker earns. 

Keep your app updated to get the latest Argo experience on your iPhone.  

How does Argo help filmmakers?

Argo makes sure that filmmakers get paid! The platform works on a revenue-share basis with a goal to ensure filmmakers have the opportunity to truly showcase their work, while entertaining and inspiring the new wave of independent film.

Subscription Cancellation

Open Argo on your device and then:

Tap your profile (upper right) and choose Wallet.
Find your active pass and choose Unsubscribe.
Confirm your cancellation and take note of your expiration date.

To cancel a Roku subscription:

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Use the directional pad on your remote to highlight Argo.
  • Press the Star button (*) to open the Options menu.
  • Choose Manage subscription then Cancel subscription. If Manage subscription is not available, try these same steps on each Roku streaming device you own.

You should get an email from Roku confirming your cancellation. You can continue streaming until your subscription expires at the end of your billing cycle.

E-mail [email protected] for any additional questions.


Your Profile
Delete Account

Open the app settings by tapping on the profile icon and then selecting Settings from the upper right menu or go directly to https://web.watchargo.com/settings/user-info
Tap Delete Account and follow the instructions.

E-mail [email protected] for any additional questions.