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Arcadiy Golubovich photo
Arcadiy Golubovich
Serial entrepreneur, founder, investor, and Hollywood producer. Co-founder & President of Primeridian Entertainment, President of Producer of 12 films (A Hologram for the King, Passing and more).
Michael Y Chow photo
Michael Y Chow
Emmy Award, Peabody Award, Webby Award & Telly Award winner. Creative strategist & entrepreneur. Co-Founder & Chief Instigator of XRM Media, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of MNM Creative.
Alex Williamson photo
Alex Williamson
Community builder & tech trailblazer. Founding team member & former Chief Brand Officer of Bumble, grew company from 0 to 50 million users.
Igor Kishik photo
Igor Kishik
Blockchain & NFT Development Expert. Extensive experience building specialized products and engineering teams across FinTech, Media tech & web3. Led development of 4 NFT collections generating $9M+ of traded value.