Amazon Prime Bans Short Film Submissions
By Carina Tamer

Amazon Prime Bans Short Film Submissions

  One of the largest streaming platforms in the world, Amazon Prime Video Direct(PVD), has just announced it will no longer be accepting uploads for short films or documentaries by external publishers. Filmmakers and shorts-lovers are devastated at this news.   No need to worry. Welcome to Argo.  Argo is the home for shorts. We at Argo stand by shorts lovers and makers alike for any genre (non-fiction, fiction, experimental, animation). We are here to lead a new era of bringing shorts to a wider audience.  What you need to know:  1.On February 19,2021 Prime issued a new policy stating ““At this time, we’re no longer accepting unsolicited licensing submissions via Prime Video Direct for non-fiction and short form content  2. This policy applies to all partners: individual filmmakers AND established specialty distributors ( like Samuel Goldwyn Films, Kino Lorber, Icarus and FilmRise) 3.With uploading locked, short-film content providers can no longer make a revenue from Prime (up to 50% based on royalties from customer-viewing.) 4.This isn’t the first time Amazon Prime has locked out independent filmmakers

In 2019, Prime shut down its Film Festival Stars program, which paid licensing fees to films that had participated in high-profile film festivals.

In 2018, Prime slashed royalties for some independent content by as much as 60%

5. Amazon has remained silent after the announcement. All inquiries on the service are answered with the same robotic message: “Unless otherwise indicated  removed titles (or titles not selected for licensing) may not be resubmitted or appealed.”   Welcome to Argo Argo was built for short fans and filmmakers. With Argo, viewers can stream incredible short films and documentaries curated by the best filmmakers and festivals in the world. Shorts lovers can recommend a short film HERE.  Shorts Filmmakers can SUBMIT the film for distribution and build their audiences, MONETIZE and promote films through revenue shares, and CONNECT to audiences directly  TO REGISTER AS A FILMMAKER ON ARGO, CLICK HERE 


With Amazon’s ban, Argo is your home for film.

Because we believe in shorts.