Argo is Part of Y Combinator’s Winter 22 Batch!
By Argo

Argo is many things: The new home of short film. An interactive streaming and social platform. A way to discover incredible stories from around the world. 

But Argo is also a startup, formed during the COVID-19 pandemic by a global team working together across timezones to galvanize the short film community — while connecting new audiences to the world’s best short-form entertainment.

And now, Argo will participate in startup accelerator Y Combinator’s (YC) Winter 2022 batch! 

What caught YC’s eye? Maybe it was Argo’s unwavering belief that short form content doesn’t just HAVE a future, but that it IS the future.

Maybe it was the “creators first” mentality that empowers filmmakers to monetize their work in new and innovative ways.

Maybe it was the social ecosystem Argo is building for short films, bringing together filmmakers, film festivals, brands, and influencers to provide better recommendations and a more engaging experience.

It’s probably all of the above! And Argo is honored to be part of the YC family, given how this innovative startup fund has changed the game when it comes to funding models, and invested over $600Billion (with a B) to over 3,000 companies (like Dropbox, Reddit, and Airbnb) since 2005, all while working closely with startups to maximize investor interest and support. 

This exciting announcement comes hot on the heels of SXSW, where Argo Co-Founder and CEO Arcadiy Golubovich, alongside Crypt TV’s Jack Davis and Twitch and Metatheory Co-Founder Kevin Lin, led a dynamic and galvanizing panel on the Future of Content for the festival’s Tech industry track.

This deep dive into the world of emerging content platforms was full of insight for filmmakers and viewers alike, and judging by the attendee response, it’s a topic that’s on many minds right now.

Argo is excited to see the results of the upcoming “demo day,” when Y Combinator’s W22 batch will pitch their presentations.

In the meantime, Argo has continued building new and innovative filmmaker tools, like Filmmaker Profiles that allow filmmakers to instantly upload and publish their film and earn revenue while connecting to new audiences.

Soon, filmmakers will have the ability to instantly mint and sell film NFTs from their Filmmaker Profiles, and other exciting features will follow, so stay tuned!  

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