Argo Selection: Slightly Awkward
By Argo
The Slightly Awkward playlist explores the (more than) slightly awkward situations we find ourselves in life: on a date, at home or our workplace. Each film exhibits the way in which one’s character determines how one deals with an uncomfortable situation. 


Angry Hamster
The Angry Hamster is a short story about Tomi, a socially excluded man who lives with his mother. The young man’s everyday routine is interrupted when his mother takes Tomi to town to celebrate his 23rd birthday. Tomi, who makes laconically analytical observations in his mind, is forced by a new situation to face his own feelings and prejudices about the world. Is life just a total misery, or is it not, after all? 


The Log (Halko)
An actor fears that a nudity scene will undermine his seriousness as an actor. The reason why he thinks it will undermine his credibility is not what you expect. 


Branch (Kvist)
A date hike takes a twist when a lady starts feeling unsettled that her date is oblivious to the consequences of his actions. 


The Committee 
A Nordic collaboration is taking place. Three delegates from Sweden, Norway and Finland are gathered in Lapland to decide on an art piece, which is to be placed where the three borders meet geographically. But the committee is in for a surprise. Instead of a sculpture, the commissioned artist presents his idea of a “Nordic Dance”. The delegates are faced with the true challenges of a democratic decision-making process.


What is the true cost of a bargain? Subtotal is a story of an untraditional encounter between a Swedish salesman and a Norwegian couple on their monthly bargain hunting at the border between Norway and Sweden.