6 Films to Watch if You’re New to Short Films
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The Argo Starter Pack: 6 Films to Watch if You’re New to Short Films

Argo welcomes all audiences – from devoted aficionados to novice beginners. This is our ‘Starter Pack’ – a collection of 6 films to get you acclimated to the world of short films. Our library is expansive and filled with awesome shorts. Here’s where to start:

All we require is your attention…and an electronic device 😉


  Film Still Pop Rox

1. POP ROX (Dir. Nate Trinrud)

Pop Rox is a simple yet dense short film that unpacks the intricacies of unrequited love.  Jesse, an awkward teenage girl, aches to confess her romantic interest to her distant, self-involved best friend, Roxanne. The two have experienced intimate moments, shared experiences, and a deep friendship: but is this enough of a foundation to breed mutual, romantic love? This short poses questions about what it means to fall in love, the courage it takes to express your deepest desires, and the bitter agony of rejection. The film is built on an incredibly nuanced performance by Kimia Behpoornia (Jesse), who behind the pain and longing, must confront an ugly truth.    Watch now on ARGO.   

Film Still Procedure2. THE PROCEDURE (Dir. Calvin Reeder)

‘The Procedure’ flips the traditional thriller narrative on its head. A man is kidnapped and brought to an apparent ‘torture facility.’ He is forced to stay quiet, awaiting his dreadful fate. What happens next does not only shock, but breaks any semblance of tension boiling in your head. In this short film, you’ll be holding your breath up until the unexpected climax, and anxiety will turn into laughter. With a run-time of 4 minutes, it is a must-watch for newcomers to Argo.    Watch now on ARGO.       

Film Still Throuple3. THROUPLE (Dir. Chrissie De Guzman)

“No penetration” is Bubbles only rule when she visits her clients. This is a tale about an unexpected entanglement between Bubbles, a free-spirited stripper, and a non-monogamous couple. Conflict arises in Bubbles (Joni) as she develops real, deep feelings for a couple who simply sees her as a sexual partner, a ‘third wheel.’ Bubbles must learn the hard way that polygamy (an emotional relationship) is not the same as an open-relationship (sexual-driven). Carefully paced and deeply reflective, this short film peels back the layers of love, attraction, and ultimately, rejection.  Watch now on ARGO.         

Film Still Fauve4. FAUVE (Dir. Jeremy Comte)

It comes as no surprise that Fauve was nominated at the Oscars for Best Short Film in 2018. Fauve is a slow-boiling narrative about a seemingly innocent play-date gone wrong. Two young boys play tricks on each other, until the tomfoolery turns into a life-threatening predicament for one boy. The superb acting by the young boy, Felix Grenier, drives the plot into a thunderous climax. Wide shots of sweeping mountains and crystal-clear lakes provide a sharp contrast to the murky, gross disaster that befalls these boys. The threat of survival looms in the shadows. Nature can unleash a fierce wrath.  And the line between life-and-death haunts us all, even in our most innocent moments. Watch now on ARGO.    

Film Still Fuck You5. FUCK YOU (Dir. Annette Sidor)

Alice and Johannes are giddy in love, but Alice feels trapped by her female role in the relationship. One night, she steals a strap-on to challenge her boyfriend’s  masochistic predispositions. His reaction is exactly as she predicted: he is disgusted, afraid, and repelled. However, his love for Alice helps him accept her exactly as she is. At its core, this film is a beacon of hope for changing the norms against gender bias. If love is real, we will accept anyone, at any cost. After the shock is gone, rationality can defeat our pre-programmed prejudices about gender and sexuality.     Watch now on ARGO.      

6. CHICHI (Dir. David Nessl)

CHICHI is an absurd comedy which follows the misadventures of Cow Aliens who perform a strange experiment on an old man and his two dogs. Director and animator, David Nessl, creates an otherworldly aura with swirling colors, disfigured characters, and hand-drawn visuals. The delicate aesthetic provides a light, satirical mood in opposed to the usual fear-inducing atmosphere of extraterrestrial invasion. The film uses earthy sounds and muted tones to keep a preposterous premise firmly rooted in reality. Nessl combines comedy with science-fiction in a uniquely fresh perspective.     Watch now on ARGO.