Best Short Films to Come out of USC
By Tiffany Ike

Some of the most amazing filmmakers in the world started in film school. If you’ve ever contemplated going to film school, you’ve likely looked at the top lists, and one of the schools you will ALWAYS, and I mean always, find in your search is the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts! This university has pumped out some of the greatest filmmakers and it continues to offer a world class education on what it means to tell a good story.   So I’m gonna put you on the game, give you the inside scoop, let you in on some film faves with a list of some of the best USC Films!   


Ever been in a love triangle that feels like a heart but deep down you know that you may have to navigate the fact that it is still a triangle? Perhaps not, but that’s totally cool because there are films about it! In this short that explores love and relationships using dynamic colors and even more dynamic acting, a stripper and a married couple engage in a throuple in this fresh take on romance.  


Sex is many things. Confusing. Lovely. Complicated. Exciting. But it is also, unfortunately, very commonly a big part of conversations surrounding ideas of purity and respectability. In this coming of age story, a young teen battles with reconciling her self-worth with the beliefs of her conservative community after her first sexual experience. If you are in the mood for a beautiful, although sometimes difficult, tale of a young women’s road to self-discovery, Cupcake is the perfect watch.  

Pop Rox

Is it just me or are Pop Rocks the most dramatic candies to eat? You swallow them too fast and you get bubbles bursting in your esophagus. You leave them on your tongue and it feels like the popping sounds are coming from inside your head. That’s sometimes what love feels like, lots of noise and things stuck in your throat that keep you from being able speak. Love can feel dramatic, like “buy your crush their favorite candy, create a sea of lights for them,” type of dramatic. In this fun and dynamic short film, we experience a tale as old as time: trying to tell your best friend you’re in love with them, and of course, having things take an unexpected turn.  

The Five Minutes

What would you do if you had a chance to talk to your loved one moments before they died? What would you say? This film looks at just this; a married couple that is already mentally separated alive, but when separated physically by death, one spouse comes to learn that they missed out on too much now that there is no time left.   

The Lift

This short and sweet film about experiencing life for real, is captured in a confined space that might leave you yearning for a breath of fresh air.  If you sometimes feel that you have been designed to just fulfill certain tasks day in and day out, like a computer system programmed to do it’s makers bidding, this is a story that may remind you that it’s never too late to go outside and take that breath.

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