About Argo

Argo is a next-gen streaming platform where Fans can connect with Friends, earn tokens and be part of the Creator’s success

Our mission

To empower Creators to tell great stories and take control of their IP

Creator Registration
How to register

You need an invitation from one of Argo’s partners or collaborators, that includes the film festivals, filmmaker community and other creators.

Uploading films on Argo

Once you get the invitation and register as a creator, you can upload your video. Don’t forget to explore all the upload options such as selecting the right hashtags, uploading relevant trailers, film festivals and more.


You have a choice to stream your video gated with the Argo overall subscription and get revenue share on per view bases.

OR you can distribute your film through TVOD. Argo is the only platform where your fans can purchase your film as an NFT, which means you get to collect any resale value forever.

  • You can select the amount of copies of your video you want to sell (can change it later too)
  • You can set your own price

Fans are going to be able to watch the video they bought on Argo only. But they will be able to sell their copy on any other NFT platform.

Trailer park

You can submit your trailer directly to in order to be featured in the Argo Trailer Park and YouTube channel and collect likes and comments from your fans. Just reference your Creator profile name on Argo.

Shorts Student Competition
Student Channel Pass

This pass gives you access to the SHORTS! 2022 Channel and all of the short films that are part of this year’s competition in addition to last year’s winning films!

Friends and fans can purchase the pass on the SHORTS! 2022 channel via the Argo app and website.

Students who submit films for the competition get the Student Pass for free.

For the future: The Pass gives you unlimited access to all future student related events and competitions (including all future SHORTS! competitions).

You can resell your pass on OpenSea.

View your Pass in your Argo Wallet in the top corner of the menu bar.

How to Participate

You need an invitation link from Argo or your school to register for the SHORTS Student competition.

Who qualifies?

You must be a student, or have graduated in the past 2 years.

Student channel

All films that qualify will be featured in the Student Channel on Argo.

The student channel will remain on Argo to feature the winners and more materials for the students.

All the films that do not get any nominations will be unpublished after the competition.


Coming soon

Self Publishing Films

As a creator who has received an invitation, you are able to register and upload your work (admin panel available only on the web). The videos will be published on your profile. You can choose between SVOD and TVOD, and take your work down at any time.

Users receive recommendations based on their interests, and are able to recommend videos to one another.

SVOD Licensing

Earn revenue share on a per-view basis from Argo subscription and from individual Channel subscriptions.

TVOD Licensing

You can choose to distribute your film via TVOD and:

  • Choose how much to sell your film for.
  • Choose how many copies you want to sell.
  • Collect the royalties from all future transactions.
  • All the purchased film copies can be resold by the owners on any NFT-blockchain platform.