Why Should I Submit My Film to Argo?
By Argo

Manage Your Film & Monetize Your Film

  • You can control your content with data sharing tools and analytics
  • You can monitor your audience’s behavior and get feedback so you get a better understanding of what film fans want
  • You will earn 40-50% of the profit Argo receives from your film. This is calculated on a per-view basis. 


Connect to Your Audience 

  • Argo’s partnerships bring a prestigious audience to the Argo platform. Argo is partnering with the best festivals, film influencers and film schools to create a platform for all filmmakers and film fans. 
  • Argo is aiming to become THE destination for short films. Your short film will be grouped in playlists that will be catered to your audiences preferences.
  • Argo will be promoting your film and the playlist across various social media platforms and via our partners. 


Showcase Your Film Amongst Other Unique Content

  • Partnerships with the Guardian and USC result in exceptionally curated playlists and films on the platform. 
  • Films on Argo’s platform include Academy Award-winning films, prestigious film festival winners and other remarkable content. 


Do you want access to these opportunities? Submit your short film here.


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29th July 2021
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20th November 2020
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