Argo x The International Documentary Association (IDA)
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ARGO x International Documentary Association (IDA)

Argo is proud to announce our newest partnership with the International Documentary Association (IDA) – an intimate community for the trailblazers, filmmakers, and activists reshaping the documentary genre.

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IDA advocates for non-fiction story-tellers through funding, development and promotion to create a remarkable breadth of docu-shorts.

IDA gives documentaries and filmmakers the attention they deserve, spreading the necessary awareness for injustice and inequality.

 For newcomers to docu-shorts or long-term activists, watch IDA’s newest playlist now.

What You Need to Know: 


Argo and IDA have co-curated a collection of the best documentary films. Each docu-short captures vital moments of history and culture both past and present. The IDA channel will live on the Argo app and be accessible to Argo subscribers and IDA members. 


Start watching today on www.watchargo.com, or on the Argo app, available to download from iTunes App Store or Google Playstore. To learn more about Argo pricing and plans, click here All IDA members in the filmmaker database get free access to Argo for 3 months! Sign in with your IDA membership link. IDA members will have one month to register  (until June 21st). 


 The IDA channel will feature newly-added docu-shorts.  Be sure to follow the channel as there will be more playlists to come!


Check out two playlists of short documentaries that range in topic and locale but are all connected by deeply human stories and experiences, all which have been supported by this incredible organization.

 IDA: Another Perspective IDA playlist image1 Mood: Eye-Opening



IDA: Life + Death ida playlist 2Mood: Loving




Founded in 1982, The International Documentary Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to support film professionals and activists redefining the documentary genre. IDA sponsors, promotes, and preserves essential documentaries that are at great risk of being lost in the torrent of nonfiction storytelling.  FOR FILMMAKERSIDA supports filmmakers from every touch point – from funding, to research, development, and promotion. Funding: Since 2017, IDA has provided more than $4.5 million in grants through its documentary funds. IDA advises filmmakers on how to secure diversified funding for documentaries, including resources for budgeting and crowdfunding . IDA also provides large grants in the form of comprehensive fiscal sponsorships. IDA and XRM Media recently launched a New Incubator for Short Vérité Documentaries and will provide over $150,000 in Development Grants to Ten Projects. Argo co-founder, Michael Chen, has dedicated himself to this project.  Research: IDA provides industry-wide reports on the state of the documentary field, featuring access to archival footage and direct resources to journalists and mentors. Development: IDA hosts seminars and master classes to educate creators on filmmaking techniques – including tips on using gear, editing, writing, music, and interviews to create powerful documentaries. Their biennial conference, Getting Real, is the only peer-to-peer gathering of its kind in North America. Promotion: Every year, IDA also hosts its own IDA Documentary Awards to celebrate the best nonfiction projects of the year, bringing both films and the creators to industry insiders and film enthusiasts.  Documentary magazine is the only American magazine devoted exclusively to nonfiction. Through its editorial division, IDA serves the documentary community with engaging, pragmatic and provocative coverage of films and the industry in print and online, linking the local and international communities of nonfiction makers. For more information on the International Documentary Association, check out their website.    WANT TO SUBMIT YOUR FILM? Submit directly onto ARGO  to be reviewed by Argo’s global curation team. We will review your submission and get back to you within a few weeks For IDA members: Go to the ARGO website, find “Submit/Recommend a film” on the right hand navigation bar, and click “Fan” or “Filmmaker.” To stay on top of Argo’s new releases and partnerships, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube