Join The Argo Crew!
By Argo

Paid ambassador program for university students and recent graduates.     Be part of our community of filmmakers, film fans and social activists looking to shake up the entertainment industry.  

  At Argo, our mission is to build community and provide a platform for filmmakers film lovers through powerful short stories. We aim to propel this mission in everything we do from our marketing team to our app developers, pushing the boundaries and creating a home for untold stories.     We’re looking for passionate, ambitious, influential and intellectual university students and recent graduates to join the Argo Crew program across the US and UK. This program of ambassadors will experience what it’s like to work for a rapidly growing start-up and participate in the creation, curation and promotion of content on a socially conscious streaming platform.      Argo is setting out on a journey to elevate short films and filmmakers amidst an ocean of online content, and our crew of ambassadors are a part of the team who leads the way!     



Want to change the game at your university or in your city? 


  Benefits of joining the crew:  

  • Build your resume > Being a student ambassador will not only push you professionally, but it will also give you valuable skills in the tech and entertainment industry. 
  • Coaching > You will learn how to make or break it in the film and tv from experts in the industry.
  • Networking > You will work with influencers and filmmakers in your community to bring ideas to life, learn from current tv and film experts in the industry, and cultivate relationships with like-minded hustlers on the program. 
  • Experience > You’ll be given creative freedom to bring Argo to life in your community through events, creative marketing campaigns and social impact initiatives.
  • Curation > You will develop professional skills for film curation and selection. 


    What do Argo Crew members do?  

  • Represent our valuesCarry Argo’s core mission and values 24/7
  • Hustle Negotiate partnerships, host events, and align Argo with your surrounding community using localized marketing tactics.
  • Identify the opportunityYou know your community better than anyone, so you have the creative freedom to identify trends, pitch your big ideas and bring them to life with the help of HQ.
  • Learn and growBuild Argo’s presence and user-base in your community while also growing personally and professionally.


  • Film Lovers – You love, appreciate and understand film…some say a bit of an expert 😉
  • Rule breakers – You know the rules are made to be broken. Let’s rock the boat.  
  • Activists – You stand up for what you believe in and want to help those without a voice. You influence those around you in a positive and empowering way.
  • The Loud Kind – You’re active online and know how to generate a conversation.
  • Trendsetters – You don’t only spot the trends, you help set them and know how to get Argo in on the action.
  • Connectors – You understand the value of inclusivity and know how to inspire people to come together.


Apply to the Argo Crew program!





  • Located full-time in either the US or UK
  • Active on social media and excited to share the idea of Argo with your community
  • You do not need to have film-specific degree. Anyone and everyone who is passionate about the missions of Argo can apply. 
  • Our current Crew has a diverse set of passions and skill sets-  studying everything from Music and Entertainment at UCLA to Psychology to Practical Filmmaking and Screen Acting at Metfilm School in London. We are looking for new perspectives, fresh ideas, and individuals excited to get on board with our growing brand!
  • We review applications on a rolling basis, so if we don’t immediately get back to you we will if and when a position opens up. 
  • Time commitment: 3-4 hours per week! 

  Any questions: Feel free to email us at [email protected]



Apply to the Argo Crew program!



For any questions please reach out to:
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @watch.argo
Twitter: @watch_argo