Open for Hire: Social Media Manager
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Get Social with ARGO! 

As Argo grows, our team is always on the lookout for fresh creative minds. Our playlists are getting bigger, streaming is getting better, and collaboration is booming.  Eyes on the Argo platform are open wide. If you eat, sleep, and dream of film AND you have experience managing social media, this position is for you.   LOOKING TO HIRE AN INDIVIDUAL WHO…

  • Loves film

  • Has an understanding of the short film industry

  • Has an interest and talent for film marketing

  • Loves pop-culture

  • Extremely adept across instagram, tiktok and twitter

  • Strong communication skills

  • Good writing skills

  • Witty

  • Ability to create content

  • Collaborative

  • Motivated



Oversee the Argo social media channels, blog and digital communications to the Argo community. This means reviewing new short film playlists every week, identifying the best films and playlists to market and build a strategy around promoting this films while growing each platform through mainstream pop-culture growth strategies.

The aim is to keep Argo relevant and part of the conversation while pushing Argo content. The role is not just to promote short films, but rather make short films + Argo mainstream.

Strong focus on building an Argo community.

Paid. Full time role.


  • Watching short films

  • Creating promotional materials

  • Working with our video editor, designers and interns to create content

  • Working with Head of Marketing to determine best strategies

  • Exploring methods in growing the social platforms.

  • Posting across all Argo social platforms a minimum of twice a day.

  • Researching pop-culture trends and identifying social media trends.

  If you think you’re the person for this role, please email [email protected] with your resume and a cover letter as to why you think you would be great for our team!  

Instagram: @watch.argo

Twitter: @watch_argo

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