Filmmaker Profiles: The easiest way to monetize your short film
By admin


You’re a visual storyteller with short films that your audience loves. We’re the new home for short film online, and we know we can go further together. Let’s team up!

We’re growing, and we want you to grow with us. We know how precious your audience is. We are inviting you to build your community on Argo — so we can help you monetize it. Until June 10, 2022, we are offering filmmakers $4 per new subscriber, 90% revenue share per view, and a free one-year membership to Argo. It’s a classic win-win-win.

So how does this work? 

All you have to do is register, upload, and share to start earning money right away! The technical term is “easy peasy, lemon squeezy”:


Step One: Register your Filmmaker Profile on Argo 

Your Filmmaker Profile is the hub of your Argo activity. From here, you’ll be able to publish your work, monitor its performance, and network with other film lovers and filmmakers. And this is just the beginning: As Argo grows, we’ll be adding even more tools to empower your creativity and career.

Keep in mind that this feature is not available on the mobile app and must be accessed via a desktop computer and web browser. If you have trouble accessing the page, just make your browser window bigger and reload it. 


Step Two: Upload your Film and Tell People About It

Share to your email list, to the cast and crew, to supporters and backers, and to your social media followers. Write it in wet cement, the sand, or even the sky! What we’re saying is, spread the news far and wide. You’ve built your audience with your own two hands, and we want to help you monetize it. Anyone on Argo can recommend your films to promote them to their friends.


Step 3: Profit!
No, seriously: For every new subscriber your films bring to Argo until May 31, we will give you $4. Plus, during this time we’ll also give you 90% of revenue calculated based on views of your films (online, on the Argo app, and imminently on Roku). It’s that simple. After May 31, your films will continue to earn revenue at our standard share of 45% — but your complimentary Argo membership is for life!


Will existing subscribers be able to watch my films? 

Yes, in fact we’ll do you one better: If someone likes or recommends your film, it is then recommended to their friends and followers, and so on! Every Friday, we’ll announce newly published films through our social media channels. When this campaign ends, your fan recommendations will keep your audience growing (and money coming in). 


What’s the catch? 

Well, we do have some submission guidelines, and we do require any film uploaded to a Filmmaker Profile to have played in at least one film festival. This offer is for a limited time, after which our revenue split will return to 45% per view. But we don’t require exclusivity or premiere status — so you can keep your film published wherever it is now, and we won’t even get jealous! We swear. 


Where do I start?
If you’re ready to start this party, all you need is an invitation! Email [email protected] to set up your Filmmaker Profile registration.


What if I already have my work on Argo? 

First of all, we love you. Second of all, have you registered your Filmmaker Profile yet? Attaching your film or films to your Filmmaker Profile is a great way to get data on how they’re performing. If you have a new project with a sizable audience who may not know about Argo, this campaign may be a good fit for you.


What can you expect from Argo in the future? Lots more exciting ways to connect with your audience, including the ability to mint and sell film NFTs directly from your Filmmaker Profile, are on the horizon. More on that coming soon!