For Your Consideration: Oscar-Worthy Films
By Ayah Bazian

Every year, around 10,000 live action short films are made. Out of those, just a handful make it to the Oscars. And then, as the story goes, in a tale as old as time (or Hollywood), only one will nab the exclusive gold statuette.  Though just about everything else has changed this year, we’re happy to report that for short films, this year are no different. Things might have moved online, but that’s good news for you. It means we can bring you some possible contenders for the Oscars before the award ceremony itself. Here are a couple of films to watch (right now!) on Argo.  


When your dad is a therapist, it can sometimes feel like they have time for everyone on earth except you. Enter Will Ferrell as precisely that kind of father, except way, way funnier. The film starts as an innocuous conversation between said therapist (played by said Will Ferrell) and his client, David. They are rudely interrupted by another David – the therapist’s son. A wild confrontation ensues, followed by a sweet resolution.  The film is only on Argo for a week! So get watching.  

The Letter Room 

In another film packed with celebrity power, Oscar Isaac stars as a prison guard who gets moved to the letter room, where he must intercept any mail and look for any ‘red flags’ in the prisoner’s correspondence. He finds himself getting deep into one prison in particular’s letters – a man on death row. The film is an honest portrayal of the US prison system with a lot of heart. Bonus: it’s directed by Isaac’s wife, and we love a power couple doing woke shit together. Also, it’s only available for TWO DAYS. Yes, 48 hours. Watch it anytime before the 30th of January.    


In the former Yugoslavian republic of Macedonia, excessive bureaucracy hangs in the air like stale perfume. When a man renews his car registration but the country is out of stickers to prove it, he must fight every government bureaucrat on his way to his daughter’s dance recital. The plot seems simple enough, but the film is anything but. Here are some hints at what’s in store: he ends up in prison, steals a police car (after being in prison), and somehow finds the wrong ‘daughter.’   

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