Amplifying BIPOC voices
By Argo


Social injustice is painfully prevalent. The crucial need for a rebalance has thankfully come to the forefront of our consciousness, as society is finally waking up to racial inequality. However, mere virtue signalling is unacceptable, as the Black Lives Matter movement has shown. BIPOC voices need to be lifted up, and to be given their deserved recognition.
Film has the power to affect a narrative, on a global scale. We want to utilise this power for positive advancement. We encourage creators to have a social impact, and to use their talents to shine a light on these stories.
Argo’s mission is to showcase the positive advancements that can happen through the medium of short film. We encourage creators to tell stories with no reservations nor fear, but with spirit and passion. We want creators to use their talent to shine a light on the untold stories!
The Argo Untold Stories Short Film Awards 2020: show us your values, your mission, and your appetite for positive change!
Our goal is to present and amplify the broad spectrum of BIPOC stories, particularly those that reinforce positive images, counter ignorance and promote universal social justice.
Film is a unique medium, enabling creators to bring to life different perspectives and experiences. Film fosters communication between people of diverse cultures, races and lifestyles.
Argo is building a vehicle to initiate pertinent and necessary dialogue. We want to hear from all creators, artists, performers, thinkers, and rebels who want to join us on our mission.



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