ARGO Short Film Fest Winners
By admin

Argo is proud to present the awards for the Student Short Film Fest.  After reviewing hundreds of films, Argo’s Programming team and a panel of judges have chosen winners for 7 categories.   See the list of winners below and make sure to watch on Argo.      Best Short Film  Drifting – Directed by Hanxiog Bo A riveting, provocative piece of cinema. Yan is an illegal second child born during the One-Child policy. Now a young adult, Yan must cope with his gender identity and how to be accepted in a conservative society.    Watch on ARGO.                Best Director  A Word Away – Directed, Edited and Produced by Mollie Moore  A touching documentary about a South Sudanese man living in the U.S who yearns to make peace with his past through the medium of poetry.      Watch on ARGO.               Best Editing  Password to the * * * * * –  Written, Directed and Edited by Adèl Szegedi This impeccable, hand-drawn animation reflects on the meaning of existence and the feeling of frequent hopelessness.      Watch on ARGO.                  Best Production Design  Finding Light – Directed, Edited, and Production Design by Katrina Villareal A girl searches for light as darkness slowly consumes her in this gripping animated short.     Watch on ARGO.                  Best Sound  When the Moon was Gibbous – Sound by Andrea Matrignoni A delightful animated short. The life of a colorful ensemble of beasts is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of a group of humans that are to subdue one of them.        Watch on ARGO.               Best Acting Performance  Ghazaal – Acting by Ghazal Khirandesh  A 13-year old feisty Afghan refugee hustles around in a refugee camp to make ends meet when she gets her period.      Watch on ARGO.                  Best Cinematography  Drifting  – Cinematography by Joewi Verhoeven A riveting, provocative piece of cinema.         Watch on ARGO.