Argo Joins NFT Community
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It’s official: Argo is releasing the first of its kind NFT platform focused on epic short films from around the world.

As a streaming platform and filmmaker community, Argo is bringing unique art, games and ways to support filmmakers through the NFT metaverse for one simple reason: to spread the love for Short Films. 

The time has come to bring these visual storytellers into the NFT spotlight. 


Staty tuned for the announcement of the Argo Road Map of NFT collectibles, games and more!argo+nftFor exclusive updates, releases and games follow Argo NFT on TWITTER & DISCORD 


Why is Argo creating NFTs? 



Our priority is to highlight our filmmakers and the stories they tell. With every crypto-purchase, we will allot most of the funds to the artists to create incredible films.  The stories we tell define the world we live in. We want to empower more artists worldwide to tell stories that matter. 

With Argo, the films can be promoted by influencers and upvoted by the audience. Now we are creating more ways to interact with the films and build your metaverse! 



NFT is the future of digital art and storytelling. Short film is the oldest form of Motion Pictures. Join us in merging the two worlds in order to create a metaverse of storytelling, where you can support and monetize the films you love.  

You’ll also get the chance to win awesome prizes and be a part of the films we create. Stay tuned as we unveil our vision…



Arcadiy Gulobovich and Michael Y. Chow created Argo to bridge the world of film with the world of technology.  Argo is not just a streaming platform with stunning short films. It is a data-driven platform, rooted in web intelligence, aimed to enhance the filmmaker and audience experience. In their continued pursuit to combine art with tech, Arcadiy and Michael are building the necessary connections between films and NFTs. This is the future. This is Argo.


STAY TUNED: Next week, we’ll be revealing more info for our first drop on our website. 



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